It has been a while……


Two wonderful sister missionaries


Inside a church near Schulenburg, Texas


Christmas Senior Dinner



Missionaries helping at the office.


More of the Churches



It is always so fun to see Elder and Sister Anderson



Elder Spencer teaching what is under the hood of the cars


Listening intently


Corpus Christi



Larry the Lariat


Mustang Island beach



the last month in pictures


The Border Patrol has boats and they cruise the river.


Eagle Pass has a Sonic! Yes, we went there!!


This is the bridge over the Rio Grande. Why swim over when there is such a nice bridge?!?


View of the Angel Moroni atop the San Antonio Temple.


The view of San Antonio by night from the Temple.


Flat Wyatt was playing in the cactus and got stuck. He was rescued.


Flat Wyatt on top of the Bull. This is an old smoker.


Rianne’s birthday. We were so happy to celebrate with them this year.


The Adventures of Flat Wyatt


Flat Wyatt arrived just in time to watch General Conference with us.

Wyatt, Mary’s oldest, just read the book Flat Stanley. Wyatt made a Flat Wyatt so he could go on adventures and Flat Wyatt’s first adventure is San Antonio. The first place we took him is the grocery store. In San Antonio there are a couple of places to get groceries. The most prevalent place is HEB. HEB is big here. In fact you cannot find a Kroger or a Safeway. Grocery prices are loads cheaper here. I love it!  Wyatt was wondering off constantly and playing in the delicious foods.

Flat Wyatt came to the office and did some work with me.

We took Flat Wyatt  to the Alamo this past Saturday. It was great to see. We  met another Wyatt and his dad took our picture.

Transfers, Friends, and Zone Conference(s)

When it is time for transfers one of the responsibilities of the Vehicle Coordinator(John) is to rent a van and 2 U-Hauls. The mission owns a van on top of the one they rent. We each drove a van. John drove a 15 passenger and I drove a 12 passenger. We drove our vans to the U-Haul place to rent the trailers. We needed room for 27 people, 27 bikes, and more than 54 suitcases. I drove the 12 passenger with a 12 foot U-haul. I wasn’t nervous because I knew if I could drive a Suburban I could drive anything. I can’t wait for the next transfer!

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One of the best and hardest things about being here is that you become friends with the Elders and Sisters serving here. Then they go home. Two missionaries that we saw a lot went home on this transfer. Sad! Before missionaries go home we are able to go have a lunch with them. The next day new Elders and Sisters come and new friendships begin.

Another of our responsibilities is making sure we have lots of food for the missionaries on the day they get here. Some leave Mexico City at 3 or 4 am. Others DSC00157leave Salt Lake at 6 or 7am. In any case they are HUNGRY! We have a lunch at the office ready for them. When the Arriving Elders and Sisters come we have a big dinner for them at the Mission Home the night they get here. It is a yummy Texas BBQ and all the sides that go with. The favorite side is Creamed Corn. It is so good!!

Our friends Clark and Lynnea came through San Antonio on the way to their mission in Houston. We had a great time when Elder and Sister Anderson. It was nice to see DSC00161friends from home. We spent over two hours with them at Chick-Fil-A. (I know I talked to much.) It was great to see our great friends!

DSC00189Elder Spencer, being the Car guy, gets called whenever there is a problem. These
two elders locked their keys in their car. We went with the extra set and rescued them. We were their heroes!

We attended three zone conferences. One in our own stake building, another on the southwest side of SA and one about 55 miles north of here-Kyle. It was fun to meet the great Elders and Sisters there.

Our next adventure will be going to the Border at the end of October. I want to take a picture of me on the border, like kids did at 4 Corners. Maybe we’ll even eat a taco too.

Training is Over and a Visit to Fort Worth

For my job I go to the Post Office every once in a while to mail Book of Mormon’s to people who don’t want to give out their street address.  The highways are crazy.  I have been on some scary flyovers!  DSC00106Traffic can be a mess too.  We live really close to the Mission Office so it is okay. Anything is better than John’s commute to the airport.

First Big Rainstorm

First Big Rainstorm

We had our first rain since being here on Sept 10th.  The water was flowing down the streets.  Sadly a homeless man living under a bridge close by was swept away and drowned.  It was such a different kind of rain than Colorado rain.

DSC00058This is Winston Churchill High School, which is near where we live. Notice the British flag on top.

Our Trip to Fort Worth

On the 11th we took a trip to Fort Worth.  We left here about 1 o’clock.  We didn’t take the usual interstate.  We decided to try 281 that goes through the Hill Country. It was a great choice.  We drove thru many small towns.  There were millions of trees, mostly Live Oaks. They are green all year round. They are short and are everywhere in San Antonio. Another pretty tree is the Crepe Myrtle. They come in trees or shrubs.  There blossoms are so pretty.  I love them.

We visited with John, Cassandra, and Drew.

We loved being with them.  We went to the Tarrant County Heart Walk.  It was fun. Lots of people. I saw my first Drone.  It was a camera and quite weird looking.  While in Fort Worth we went to the Water Gardens. DSC00101 It was really cool and kind of scary to walk down into.  DSC00102

Our mission has two areas at the border.  They are called the Border Zone.  It takes the best missionaries to be there.  They are isolated from the rest of the mission.  3 hours away.  We are going to go down there some day and eat a taco on the border. Aren’t they a nice looking zone?


Cool blessing.

Heavenly Father knows I love friends. He has blessed me with two that I have a connection to before being here.  One is April Vinton Ferguson.  Her family was in the Columbine Ward for many years.  Another is even crazier.  Hannah’s husband is from Burlington, WY, a town of 274.  There is a couple here, Kylie and Rudy, who are from Burlington and are friends of Ross and Hannah. I have actually met Kylie’s mom. Anytime there is a connection it makes being friends faster and easier.


Planes flyover our house all the time. Busy airport and thankfully can’t hear them in our apartment.

Planes flyover our house all the time. Busy airport and thankfully can’t hear them in our apartment.

Our Last Week of Training

We are done being trained.  The people who trained us are on their way back to Utah to start another mission.  Elder Spencer is doing really well as the Car Czar.  Every situation is different.  Today was Sisters calling that their tire was flat. Elder Spencer gives them approval to gDSC00023o get it checked out.  Not many car accidents lately.  I think Heavenly Father is breaking him in slowly.

I have been dealing with the mail, baptismal records.  I am supposed to be doing referrals, but this is what I see:


The other thing I have been doing is trying to get access to the referral site.  With BYU starting I think it is taking longer to get it going.

Othere cute faces in our office are Elder and Sister Ferguson:


They are being trained also.  We hope to not break the office too badly.

We also have awesome  young missionaries that make us feel loved and needed:

DSC00019 DSC00034 DSC00027 DSC00011

Elder Spencer and I share a big office.  It is fun to work side by side!

TSAM (Texas San Antonio Mission)

TSAM stands for TEXAS San Antonio Mission.  We are officially TSAMers.  We met showed up on Monday the 17th and met all the office missionaries.  Of course in our church there are always connections.  The other couple who are being trained are the Ferguson’s.  The Ferguson’s daughter-in-law is April Vinton who was in the Columbine First Ward.  We moved into our apartment later that afternoon. It was 100 degrees.  We had plenty of help!  The apartment is less than what we thought we would have in space and more than we thought on dirt.  We had lots to clean up and we still are not done.  We brought too much stuff!  We have been unsettled since May 1st and it is getting old asking where something is.  That is some negative.  Here are all the blessings.  We work with the greatest people on earth.  The senior missionaries are very hard workers.  We aren’t doing this for the high pay. (We don’t get paid.)  Then on top of that there are the young Elders and Sisters.  They are awesome.  We have met so many that we can’t remember their names.  Elder Spencer is the Car Czar.  He handles all car related issues.  With so many young drivers there are many, many issues.  Flat tires, accidents, doors that won’t close.  He has a special telephone to carry just for that.  It rings often. I am the Referral Secretary.  It is the wrong name for the job.  I order supplies, order ipads, name tags, and take care of bikes. I also have another phone.  I have to agree with Hillary Clinton that it is inconvenient to carry two phones.  I do it though.  We are loving the work!!  Love you all and miss you!!


FullSizeRender1The MTC (Missionary Training Center) is a great place to be. The Holy Spirit is strong here. The best place to be is the cafeteria, not for the food, but to see all the Elders and Sisters. They are amazing. They study so hard. We saw and talked to ones going to Russia, Taiwan, Armenia, and even Albuquerque. We talked to one Elder that is going to America and he is Chinese. He was practicing his English on us. It is a great place.


Hello Everyone!! John and Carol leave for Utah today. Their granddaughter Reagan will be baptized on Saturday and then they enter the MTC on Monday. Please take a moment to leave a comment and wish them luck as they leave for their new adventure.