FullSizeRender1The MTC (Missionary Training Center) is a great place to be. The Holy Spirit is strong here. The best place to be is the cafeteria, not for the food, but to see all the Elders and Sisters. They are amazing. They study so hard. We saw and talked to ones going to Russia, Taiwan, Armenia, and even Albuquerque. We talked to one Elder that is going to America and he is Chinese. He was practicing his English on us. It is a great place.


One thought on “The MTC

  1. I just read your recent blog about your trip to visit John and Cassandra and Drew, but couldn’t find a place to comment, so I eventually found my way here. (Some things never change!) It looks like you are having a wonderful mission! I know you are a blessing to all those you are working with. I miss seeing you all the time but am so happy you were able to go and serve. Keep writing–it’s fun and interesting to read about life in Texas! Love you, Babzanne


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