TSAM (Texas San Antonio Mission)

TSAM stands for TEXAS San Antonio Mission.  We are officially TSAMers.  We met showed up on Monday the 17th and met all the office missionaries.  Of course in our church there are always connections.  The other couple who are being trained are the Ferguson’s.  The Ferguson’s daughter-in-law is April Vinton who was in the Columbine First Ward.  We moved into our apartment later that afternoon. It was 100 degrees.  We had plenty of help!  The apartment is less than what we thought we would have in space and more than we thought on dirt.  We had lots to clean up and we still are not done.  We brought too much stuff!  We have been unsettled since May 1st and it is getting old asking where something is.  That is some negative.  Here are all the blessings.  We work with the greatest people on earth.  The senior missionaries are very hard workers.  We aren’t doing this for the high pay. (We don’t get paid.)  Then on top of that there are the young Elders and Sisters.  They are awesome.  We have met so many that we can’t remember their names.  Elder Spencer is the Car Czar.  He handles all car related issues.  With so many young drivers there are many, many issues.  Flat tires, accidents, doors that won’t close.  He has a special telephone to carry just for that.  It rings often. I am the Referral Secretary.  It is the wrong name for the job.  I order supplies, order ipads, name tags, and take care of bikes. I also have another phone.  I have to agree with Hillary Clinton that it is inconvenient to carry two phones.  I do it though.  We are loving the work!!  Love you all and miss you!!


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