Our Last Week of Training

We are done being trained.  The people who trained us are on their way back to Utah to start another mission.  Elder Spencer is doing really well as the Car Czar.  Every situation is different.  Today was Sisters calling that their tire was flat. Elder Spencer gives them approval to gDSC00023o get it checked out.  Not many car accidents lately.  I think Heavenly Father is breaking him in slowly.

I have been dealing with the mail, baptismal records.  I am supposed to be doing referrals, but this is what I see:


The other thing I have been doing is trying to get access to the referral site.  With BYU starting I think it is taking longer to get it going.

Othere cute faces in our office are Elder and Sister Ferguson:


They are being trained also.  We hope to not break the office too badly.

We also have awesome  young missionaries that make us feel loved and needed:

DSC00019 DSC00034 DSC00027 DSC00011

Elder Spencer and I share a big office.  It is fun to work side by side!


2 thoughts on “Our Last Week of Training

  1. Good to see you are trained and ready to go! Your office looks pretty nice. We love the work we are doing here in Thailand. The days are long, 10-12 hours, but we have been given energy and a desire to do the work! Do you have 2 senior couples working in the office? Lucky/Blessed!!


  2. You got the blog up and running!!! Looks great. Good for you both, on your training being complete. Yeah, now the work begins. We are getting there still seems so much to do. Yikes! Keep up the good your doing. Sounds like a fun weekend in store for you.


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