Training is Over and a Visit to Fort Worth

For my job I go to the Post Office every once in a while to mail Book of Mormon’s to people who don’t want to give out their street address.  The highways are crazy.  I have been on some scary flyovers!  DSC00106Traffic can be a mess too.  We live really close to the Mission Office so it is okay. Anything is better than John’s commute to the airport.

First Big Rainstorm

First Big Rainstorm

We had our first rain since being here on Sept 10th.  The water was flowing down the streets.  Sadly a homeless man living under a bridge close by was swept away and drowned.  It was such a different kind of rain than Colorado rain.

DSC00058This is Winston Churchill High School, which is near where we live. Notice the British flag on top.

Our Trip to Fort Worth

On the 11th we took a trip to Fort Worth.  We left here about 1 o’clock.  We didn’t take the usual interstate.  We decided to try 281 that goes through the Hill Country. It was a great choice.  We drove thru many small towns.  There were millions of trees, mostly Live Oaks. They are green all year round. They are short and are everywhere in San Antonio. Another pretty tree is the Crepe Myrtle. They come in trees or shrubs.  There blossoms are so pretty.  I love them.

We visited with John, Cassandra, and Drew.

We loved being with them.  We went to the Tarrant County Heart Walk.  It was fun. Lots of people. I saw my first Drone.  It was a camera and quite weird looking.  While in Fort Worth we went to the Water Gardens. DSC00101 It was really cool and kind of scary to walk down into.  DSC00102

Our mission has two areas at the border.  They are called the Border Zone.  It takes the best missionaries to be there.  They are isolated from the rest of the mission.  3 hours away.  We are going to go down there some day and eat a taco on the border. Aren’t they a nice looking zone?


Cool blessing.

Heavenly Father knows I love friends. He has blessed me with two that I have a connection to before being here.  One is April Vinton Ferguson.  Her family was in the Columbine Ward for many years.  Another is even crazier.  Hannah’s husband is from Burlington, WY, a town of 274.  There is a couple here, Kylie and Rudy, who are from Burlington and are friends of Ross and Hannah. I have actually met Kylie’s mom. Anytime there is a connection it makes being friends faster and easier.


Planes flyover our house all the time. Busy airport and thankfully can’t hear them in our apartment.

Planes flyover our house all the time. Busy airport and thankfully can’t hear them in our apartment.


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