The Adventures of Flat Wyatt


Flat Wyatt arrived just in time to watch General Conference with us.

Wyatt, Mary’s oldest, just read the book Flat Stanley. Wyatt made a Flat Wyatt so he could go on adventures and Flat Wyatt’s first adventure is San Antonio. The first place we took him is the grocery store. In San Antonio there are a couple of places to get groceries. The most prevalent place is HEB. HEB is big here. In fact you cannot find a Kroger or a Safeway. Grocery prices are loads cheaper here. I love it!  Wyatt was wondering off constantly and playing in the delicious foods.

Flat Wyatt came to the office and did some work with me.

We took Flat Wyatt  to the Alamo this past Saturday. It was great to see. We  met another Wyatt and his dad took our picture.


One thought on “The Adventures of Flat Wyatt

  1. I loved this idea of Flat Wyatt. I think ill mail one to my nieces and nephews and I can’t wait to see thier adventures. Looks like you guys had fun!!!


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