Transfers, Friends, and Zone Conference(s)

When it is time for transfers one of the responsibilities of the Vehicle Coordinator(John) is to rent a van and 2 U-Hauls. The mission owns a van on top of the one they rent. We each drove a van. John drove a 15 passenger and I drove a 12 passenger. We drove our vans to the U-Haul place to rent the trailers. We needed room for 27 people, 27 bikes, and more than 54 suitcases. I drove the 12 passenger with a 12 foot U-haul. I wasn’t nervous because I knew if I could drive a Suburban I could drive anything. I can’t wait for the next transfer!

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One of the best and hardest things about being here is that you become friends with the Elders and Sisters serving here. Then they go home. Two missionaries that we saw a lot went home on this transfer. Sad! Before missionaries go home we are able to go have a lunch with them. The next day new Elders and Sisters come and new friendships begin.

Another of our responsibilities is making sure we have lots of food for the missionaries on the day they get here. Some leave Mexico City at 3 or 4 am. Others DSC00157leave Salt Lake at 6 or 7am. In any case they are HUNGRY! We have a lunch at the office ready for them. When the Arriving Elders and Sisters come we have a big dinner for them at the Mission Home the night they get here. It is a yummy Texas BBQ and all the sides that go with. The favorite side is Creamed Corn. It is so good!!

Our friends Clark and Lynnea came through San Antonio on the way to their mission in Houston. We had a great time when Elder and Sister Anderson. It was nice to see DSC00161friends from home. We spent over two hours with them at Chick-Fil-A. (I know I talked to much.) It was great to see our great friends!

DSC00189Elder Spencer, being the Car guy, gets called whenever there is a problem. These
two elders locked their keys in their car. We went with the extra set and rescued them. We were their heroes!

We attended three zone conferences. One in our own stake building, another on the southwest side of SA and one about 55 miles north of here-Kyle. It was fun to meet the great Elders and Sisters there.

Our next adventure will be going to the Border at the end of October. I want to take a picture of me on the border, like kids did at 4 Corners. Maybe we’ll even eat a taco too.


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